Does the time I message a girl on a dating site matter?

I was messaging at like 4 AM.. or on a Friday night? is that bad? I didn't get much response. :/ Girls are so shallow! I comment on their profile and try to be funny, etc.


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  • No I don't think so. She'll check it in the morning/whenever she next logs on and more likely than not she won't look at the time.

    Not getting a response is VERY common for guys on dating sites. Unfortunately girls get bombarded with messages and to have any chance you have to message many girls. Unless you get lucky.

    • Lame. I get a girl messaging me every 6 months, and one looks at my profile every 2-3.

    • Gotta message more girls then. Unfortunately...going through lots and lots of failures is the only way to get these online dating sites to work for most normal guys


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  • If it's on Facebook, then no, it doesn't matter. However, if you ONLY contact her around or after 9pm, that tends to hint you only want her sexually. In your case, I think you're overreacting.


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  • I recommend messaging girls early in the morning. A guy who's online at 5 or 6am is likely fishing before going to the gym or work. Both are good signals towards a girl. A guy that is messaging really late at night looks like he doesn't have to work the following day or is looking for a booty call, even if he isn't. Try early in the morning, say 6am.