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Should I go to this guy's place?

So there's this guy I met last year, we became good friends, really hit it off and I got a crush on him that lasted quite long, until the beginning... Show More

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  • You knew you shouldn't do it when you were drunk. Why do it when you're sober? Pretend like you don't remember anything you said. All he wants is to get inside your pants. Unless you're looking for a one night stand, go for a guy who actually asks you out on a date rather than cuddling.

    • ^^ I agree with sacjatt693

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  • You pinkypromised? Really? You need to grow up. You are not ready for sex until you get mature enough to realize you don't determine your sexual choices with juvenile "pinkypromises". Advice on what to do? Grow up!

  • Life! is a crap shoot!

    You take your chances!

    You can go there if you want!

    If! you are expecting a slap and a tickle!

    Well! one thing can and does lead to another!

    He said he wants to do you!

    It might be his objective!

    At the time, you may have thought:"yea! what the hell!" "what could happen?"

    Put it this way!

    He is the hunter!

    And you are his...well! you know!

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