Should I invite her?

I am interested in this older woman and we are getting to know each other, a little flirting etc. Its my birthday next month but don't want to invite her as there will be other girls going. I don't want to focus all my attention on her then nothing happen and miss out on other opportunities. She knows roughly when my birthday is but don't want her to feel upset for not inviting her. She didn't invite me to her birthday as we were just getting to know each other was, fine with that. Should I invite her?


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  • sure, why not? what's the harm? no one says she will even come and if she does, just give everyone as equal attention as possible, just make your time with her count most. good luck

  • So you don't want to invite the girl you like to your birthday gathering, so you have an opportunity to sleep with someone else? Stand up gent you are. It's your birthday, invite whoever you want.


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