Lost complete faith in men and marriage..how do I get out of this?

Being hurt over and over is probably one of the triggers to why I've lost complete faith in marriage and in men in general. But how does one get out of this hell hole of a trap? All I feel is anger all the time and just hate the thought of a man persisting a relationship with me in general. I suppose the only good from all this was setting up my own business etc which has made me feel I can take on the world alone.


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  • Take an honest look at yourself and what you look for in a guy, I bet you will find you are going for guys with a certain look.

    You need to find out what you need in a relationship, not what you want.

    Get out some paper and put a line down the center, on one side list all the things you like a guy to have. On the other side, write down the things you did not get in past relationships and wanted.

    Than compare the 2 lists and see if any of the things you listed you want in a relationship matched anything in the list you made for what you wanted a guy to have.

    I bet the 2 lists don't match at all.

    • Well to be perfectly honest, I got out of a narcissist relationship (only got told this by my therapist). I'm finding it hard to understand where I 'went wrong' at the moment. But Thankyou for commenting.. will defo try that.


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  • You're forgetting that just because individual male gendered people you meet are not representative of an entire gender. You shouldn't just dismiss about 50% of the world's population because you met a few guys that were a**holes.

    You're supposed to just find a guy who you like being together with, mutually, and is emotionally mature enough not to hurt you later on and all.

  • Congratulations - you've embraced the most profound generalization in the world, making assumptions of anyone only because of their gender.

    Well, what can I say? You can stay single, or you can become a lesbian.

    Or get over it.


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  • Visit a nursing home. See old people holding hands or just out and about together. There are nice men out there, and marriages can last. If you date the same "type" of guy over and over again, you can expect similar results. Go out of your zone and meet a nice guy, someone new. Don't lose hope. Everyone deserves to be loved.