Kiss of Death???

Is it a bad idea to kiss at the end of a first date? What if you knew each other prior and have talked on the phone for some time before hand? (I know there is no true answer, it is different for everyone. Also, that a woman's body language will tell if she is ready.)

This one is more for the girls:

Would you rather a kiss on the cheek or the lips, if either, at the end of a first date?


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  • personally for me, I would like a sweet kiss on the cheek after the first date. by the second I would like to be more intimate by kissing on the lips. but I think you should keep the first date short and sweet =) it shows more respect for each other.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I like a kiss on the lips on the first date. Even if it wasn't the greatest date, at least a peck. =)


What Guys Said 1

  • kiss on the cheek will make her say "wow that was a great date"

    kiss on the lips will keep her up all night thinking of you.

    I think you know which one to go for =p