How should I talk to and react to a guy, that I like, who is trying to chat me up and get my number?

I always get so shy and embarrassed whenever a cute guy approaches me that I never know what to say, so the conversation never goes anywhere :( and the guy ends up walking off thinkingI'm not interested, so he doesn't ask for my number.


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  • If he is in college or has a degree, definitely ask what/where he studied/studies, not only does this open the conversation easily, it shines light on values and interests. If not college, ask about work... As a female you should not be afraid to suggest a get together, even if you leave it up to him to directly ask. If you find he is interested in an activity, say Kayaking, you can say "I have never done that or haven't done that in a long time... we should totally go sometime", simply suggest it and show legitimate interest in making it happen, if he is interested and shy he may take a little convincing to be sure you are sincere before he goes out on the limb and actually asks you.

    Ask for his number or give him yours, and tell him you will be expecting a call to set up a time to go kayaking etc. You really have to be direct and obvious that you are interested, otherwise he may take too much ruminating about whether you really want to see him again, the more time that passes trying to work up the courage/reason to call, the more silly he will feel calling due to the time that has passed dwelling on whether/when to call.

    Be bold, this will show sincere interest... take his phone and enter your number yourself, I always love it when a girl is willing to do this, it shows confidence and personality.

    Say "Let me give you my number, where's your phone?" when he pulls it out, you can just grab it out of his hand or simply say "Here, just let me do it" and hold your hand out.

    Hope this helps!


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  • Ask HIM things about HIM.

    From a guy's POV, if the girl is just listening to me talk and gives 1-2 words answers, AND doesn't ask me anything about me or what I'm doing...

    ...then I presume she isn't interested.

    Then I walk away.


    Think about what I said here.

    • Yes, very well put! the one or two word answer and no questions is a total killer! I cannot express this enough. Because

      1. it shows you are not interested


      2. if you are interested you must not have a thought in your head and aren't really worth the time and effort of prying thoughts from

      I cannot express this enough! nobody is going to not want you to ask questions, and one/two word responses are a HUGE turnoff!

  • Well - you're supposed to reply and keep it going, if you're interested of course.

    If you don't participate despite being interested then you're just sabotaging yourself.

  • Listen to the convo.

    And take it from there.


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  • try to avid short, one word answers. do your best to elaborate on what you're saying. for example say a cute guy asks you if you liked the nasty sandwich you had for lunch. instead of saying, "it was bad." elaborate on your feelings by saying something along the lines of "it wasn't the best sandwich I ever had by FAR. I would have much rather preferred a good old subway sub! I was just trying out this new place that just opened up down the street, but I probably won't be going back there, at least not when I'm craving tuna!

    see what I mean. short one word answers give the impression that one is uninterested in continuing the conversation. I don;t know it you do give one word answers but you don't have to be a conversationalist, just elaborate on your answers and I think you'll be OK.

    another good thing to do is to study him. study his mannerisms, study what he's studying to become. hold on to the small things that he mentions in conversations and offer to hang out doing stuff he likes. for example it's he's studying to be an engineer, offer tickets to an air show. if he wants to become a producer of music, or a musician, ask if he wants to go to a concert. it's imperative that;s you study him. to study him is to know him. keep that in mind.

    hope I helped.

  • Act flirty bu don't make it to obvious smile a lot and just get out of your comfort zone a little bit.

  • Next time be the one to break the ice & ask him for his number.