If you ask a guy if he has a girlfriend?

If you ask a guy if he has a girlfriend and his response is "Don't you know these things? Noooo" what does that mean? From a guys perspective? Should the long "noooo" give me the hint that he isn't looking for one? Just curious. I over analyze...but what girl doesn't right? LOL!


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  • Not sure why he just couldn't say 'YES' or 'NO', it's really not that hard.

    • I don't know either. I mean he said "noooo" lol! It was over a text...just trying to figure out how to take that. If there is any meaning behind it at all, other then just no. LOL!

    • Unless, he thinks that you won't make a move on him because he has a girlfriend? Other then that I'm not sure.

What Girls Said 1

  • From my experience it either means he isn't looking for one, doesn't think he deserves one, or was trying to be cool and flirty.