Canceled date, already had flowers.........

I have been out with a woman I really enjoy spending time with several times. At first, we would do things with our children who are friends. At some point, I asked her out just the two of us. After a few dates, we kissed and made future plans. Natural progression, nothing too off beat.

The morning of our plans she sent a text apologize for not calling sooner but wanted to confirm for that evening. I bought her flowers well, because, that's just how I am. A couple hours before our date that evening she called to say she just got home, had a ton of work to do and was very tired from the weekend prior. It happens and could have meant exactly what she said; busy & tired. (It may have also been a blow off, one never knows)

Question is this: I had already bought the flowers. (I won't say what I decided to do) but I'm wondering of the two options, what would y'all have done.

Option 1: leave her a message and apologize for interrupting her work/rest but let her know I had something for her & was leaving it at the door. & I'll talk to you soon. (no note with the flowers because I bought them to give to her & tell her how much I was enjoying our time together)

Option 2: Take the flowers to the local children's hospital and leave them for a patient. (obviously with no mention to the woman I bought them for in the first place)

Time that has passed is insignificant & we have plans scheduled for later in the week. My answer as to her thoughts/feelings will come if she keeps the plans or cancels I assume.

Side note: It's funny to me the men are, without hesitation, against (in my opinion) rewarding her for breaking the date. It seems to be a logical thought process at that. As a self professed "nice guy" (yes, we all know...) my natural reaction to all things in life is to be a giver/helper.

The idea of bringing the flowers to local hospital is personal and in no way as a punishment to her for breaking the date. There may be more opportunities for me to bring her flowers, there may not.


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  • It really depends on the woman and since we have no idea how she feels about you it's hard to tell however!I think the frst option is very sweet and if she dsnt like it well taff.

    Change the first option to just leaving the flowers on her door step with a litle note saying what you just said, don't bother her by textng I rekon thtll jst be annoying.


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  • tell her you bought flowers, but instead they're on your dinner table. because you have already bought them. the other stuff is whinny.

  • i agree with lovehurts. give her the flowers but leave a note. and don't text her.

  • i would go with option 2. I think you went with option 1.


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