Should I text him this?

So basically, my brother's friend texted me this a month ago: "Hey, we should totally get together and watch a movie sometime..with your brother..or not ;)" but I thought he was joking so I didn't really say yes but I didn't really say no either. He hasn't texted me since then though so should I text him right now and be like, "So, about that movie..." or should I just not text him at all until he texts me? I just don't want it to be weird if I text him because I don't know if he'll tell my brother about it and it might get awkward. And I'm pretty sure he stopped texting me because I was acting like I wasn't interested in him, on accident though :/.


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  • If you like him, text him, if not do not give him false hope, if you don't reply at least he can put 2 and 2 together and know your not interested good luck :)


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  • Usually dating a siblings friend can bring a lot of awkwardness around the house. So usually it's wise not to get involved. Since he's your brothers friend, I guess you'll see him again soon. And when you do, just be friendly and say hi like nothing ever happened! Because if you break the ice, it'll set a smoothe feeling that nothing awkward is between you guys.

    • But I won't see him for 3 weeks because he's on vacation and right when he comes back, I'm leaving for mine :/..