He hasn't texted me in ages?

Soooo there is this guy

We've been texting/sexting for two whole months everyday.. and we live in different countries so yeah meeting up wasn't really the thing to do. I came to his country (I'm from there, so I didn't just come to see him, I came to visit my parents) and BAM he is suddenly out of it?:( like he would reply to my texts, and I mean he still does, but its not everyday texting and all of a sudden I feel like he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore... Its just so weird, I mean I didn't change at all, and he just kind of stopped... And never met up with me.

Oh and a year before all of that we had a thing, so I was hoping to at least get off with him when I see him, but yer I didn't even see him

? why are guys so weird haha


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  • he is scared to commit and was never really attracted to yuou.

    he just wanted to sext


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  • Not interested anymore, could have found someone else, only wanted you as a sexting buddy


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  • Sounds to me like he wanted nothing but sexting from you. Once the possibility of you meeting in person came about he dipped out.