Why did my girlfriend get upset?

She told me that if we broke up she would want to remain friends and still text me. I told her that if we broke up I wouldn't want to be friends with her, I wouldn't want to text her, I would change my number, block her on Skype, and she would be my enemy. I told her this and she started crying why did this upset her she knows I won't be friends with any of exes her included (we aren't breaking up hopefully not).


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  • Girls love the idea of keeping a guy on standby, especially if he has feelings for her. It's like having a man behind glass - break in case of emergency.

    As a friend, she would still get 90% of the relationship benefits with you. She'd have your company, you'd still do things for her, hang out, maybe eat together sometimes, and of course the big one... TALK.

    When she says break up, she means "I'd like to eliminate kissing and everything sexual from our friendship". She doesn't actually mean break up, the way you do. It's like saying "I'd like to give 10% of my wages to charity"

    And you're saying "F*** that. A break up is a break up. You dump me, you lose me. All of me. You don't get no 90% of me consolation prize bullsh*t"

    And naturally, she doesn't like that option.

    • Actually, Girls just don't want to loose the best friend they have. Your boyfriend becomes your best friend. And him saying he wants to stop all contact with her is like saying, nothing we had really mattered, and that you don't care about her anymore. Girls want to remain friends, to hold on to the memories you had together.

    • Well too bad I can't be "just friends" with her because it would be too painful

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  • I guess, the way (the tone, etc) how you said it to her might have caused her to think that you are breaking up with her sooner or later. furthermore, even saying it won't happen, will cause the girl to think it will happen. Also, it is quite hurting when you try to block all ways of communcation with that person too. though, she's overreacting a bit because she wouldn't cry if she had trust in you (trust as in trust trust trust - you get the point lol).

    • I wouldn't break up with her ever, but if we did I would cut off all communication with her, I will be friends with my ex and she won't be any different.

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    • Thank you, but I never will be friends with an ex, not even her. She would become my enemy and if we broke up I would cut off all contact with her.

    • Yea, that's fine : ) Been through it so I know how it is ha ha : S Its more like I waited until that person cut me off. I'm not the type to hurt people. I rather them hurt me than I hurt them.

  • Because you made her feel bad by saying you won't talk to her. Basically when it's over I could care less about you. Mean.

  • She's confused as to why so its upsetting

  • Miscommunication

  • U can't be serious


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