Why don't feel flattered (rather ugly) when a guy approaches me?

I don't really get hit on or approached by guys, but when I do ( they usually aren't my physical ideals), I feel like they are approaching me because they think I'm not so attractive and its easier for them to talk to me.

I guess I believe that guys are more hesitant to approach girls they do find attractive... Maybe they think I'm easy

I have really low self esteem and the only guys that seem to approach me are black guys or Hispanic ... And I am neither black nor Hispanic


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  • Whats wrong with a black guy or an hespanic guy? Secondly have ever thought that maybe your just easier to get along with? In my experience of white girls who look rich or what they consider beautiful and skinny turn out to be the most ugly. They treat others like trash, and wouldn't give them the time of day. Why are treating these guys like this also? Do you not want to be a better person than that?


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  • First off, that is racist. What kinds of places are these guys approaching you?

    • sorry, if that was kinda offensive, I have nothing against them!

      in college classes usually

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    • yeah,but I'm too chicken to approach him. only one guy...not that many cute guys in my classes

    • Must be the major. Try sitting next to the guy. If he leave class before you sit between him and the exit. If it is the other way vice versa. You could play dumb and ask him a question about a homework problem to get a conversation started. Have you talked to this guy before?

  • You just don't.

  • Because the white guys (the guys your attracted to) are not approaching you. Simple.


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  • Other races find you appealing, what is wrong with that?

    You're always going to feel that way no matter how many guys you have going after you because you have very low self esteem.

    Fix what's on the inside first, beore you worry about any man approaching you.

    I suggest digging deep and trying to get to the root of the problem. (I know you feeling that way stems deeper than you say).