When things don't work out in your relationships...

Do you choose to forget? Why?

I do, even the things that I once thought were special.


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  • ive always been pretty good at letting the past stay in the past once that period in my life is over. I don't really forget, I still remember everything but I never think about it because I'm preoccupied with my current life I suppose.


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  • I don't. I choose to learn and to utilize. :). You see, I became aware of what I like about myself in relationship and what she liked. So when I get next relationship I can use this, if it's not too painful. If it is, it can block me from having things I feel best having! So even if it takes me heavy effort to get rid of just bad feelings and not those special moments, it is well worth it for me.

  • No, if a relationship is not working, I would want to sort it and fix it, not forget it otherwise it will come back and do more damage,x

    • I realized I should have put this in the break up section after I posted the question lol... kept going back and forth with boyfriend/girlfriend relationships and any relationship in general. Take it as what you would do after a breakup.

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