I want to spend more time with my boyfriend?

But it seems like he's never allowed to hang out- unless he's going to hang out with his friends at their band practices. I understand that he has to go to the practice, but they're so frequent, and then when he's free he says that his parents want him at home with them- but half the time his parents aren't home when he is anyway. He always says I'm his first priority but it doesn't feel that way. Suggestions?


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  • tell him so

    • I should? He does so much for me, like little things that I really love such as giving me an old t-shirt of his now and then. I don't want him to think I'm ungrateful or too clingy. I should still tell him?

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    • i think like the next time you guys get to hang out is when you should bring it up. like when you're already having a good time together tell him how much you enjoy it and how nice it would be if we could do this more. or say I wish I could spend more time with you baby. I don't think he's gonna get angry at that

    • Okay, thanks

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