How should I handle this?

So I've been dating this guy for over a month now and things are going great. I've really been in true bliss and the time we spend together is amazing. He opens doors for me, he pays attention, I even caught the fact that he told someone that I was his girlfriend. Which was a nice surprise but I only thought we were "talking".

So anyways, here the deal. Last weekend he stayed over my house and he was such a gentalmen. When I thought he would try to make his way to sleeping in my bed, he didn't he slept on my couch. Which I thought was cute. In general he seems to be really shy and reserved when he's alone with me. I can tell thur all his actions, from holding the door for me, how quickly he turns away when I Catch him looking at me to the music he plays that he is really feeling me.

I really like this guy more than I expected to. Last night he came over and were kissing and feeling on each other, cuddled and watch tv. When I got sleepy I said I was going to bed and told him that he's welcome to lay with me but he said no. I'm confused. How should I handle this? I'm ready to move forward but I don't want to rush him into anything. But really what should I do?!

:) am I glowing? Lol!

OMG! Sex was amazing... But he still slipped away to the couch. So I'm even more confused! What am I to think?
He stayed in the house with me all weekend... :)


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  • This is very interesting because I'm not sure if I've ever heard of a guy doing this. You seem to be very lucky right now and have an honest and respectable guy. My advice would be to let him make that first move when he's ready. Waiting for that moment is only going to make it better for both of you because you only will have that moment once.

    • I agree with you on that. Very respectable and I want to keep him. I just don't want him to think I'm not attracted or interested in him. When have had some conversations that clarify feelings between us and we are on the page. So guess is does make since to let him set the pace plus I really don't see a reason to rush anything ...I'm just so ready.

    • Ok we'll if you've already discussed it I say go for it. Just jump on him!

    • Lol. I should...


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  • Thats great! I'm not sure about him slipping off to the couch. Was it right after? What was he doing?

    • No. We cuddled watched tv, ate then I said I was sleepy he just got up like it was a normal thing for us to sleep in different rooms...

  • give him time to be ready


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  • Sounds like a keeper in my book, just let things flow naturally.. I wouldn't rush this one.

  • He's probably shy or just insecure about his body...doesn't want you to see

    • I think so too. He asked me why I was attracted to him when we first started talking. And I def. don't see anything wrong.