Why does he text me and we have a convo and never texts back?

Me and my co worker have been flirting a lot. He's 16 and I'm 17. He offered to drive me home from work twice. One night we texted all night long til 2am. Durin that night we kinda started talking about stuff(;and traded pics.but next day he don't text me but the day after I texted him to see of he could give me a ride home and he said he couldn't cause he's has a girlfriend and he doesn't wanna get caught. This was 2 months ago. I haven't texted him since, but at work we talked. Last week I texted him to text me my schedule and he did then we had a convo and then at night things got a little you know(; then he said he wanted a pic and I said so did I and then he texted me " I'm sorry I can't do this I'm really trying to be a good boyfriend and Iv been doing good you wouldn't like it of someone cheated on you and I apologize and he said its fine . Well our work at a meeti across town and he offered me a ride and I said thank you and he texted back your welcome beautiful(: I was so confused thn in the car ride we were flirting big time then at the end I was playin saying I don't wanna go and he grab my hand and was like please go I don't wanna go by myself and so I said okay jut you owe me and I was joking around. On the way back home he grabbed my hand and we just held hand all the way home. Then we were stuck in traffic an he said what doi owe you and I said something that starts with a k. Then we kisse alot. I. Loved it we kinda madenouy I guess and when he dropped me off I was about to leave the car and he said wait and came over an kissed me again. After that he texted me and we texted

For an hour and all the sudden he stopped textig me. So today I texte him good morning (: and he texted back hey(:and I texted back hey (: and he didn't text me back? Last light he said we gotta keep this between me and you cause I still have a girlfriend. He said it sucks I know but you never know it might not last.(: why

Doesn't he text me back an last night we stopped texting at 8 so it wasn't late . Why isn't e textig me back


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  • He has a girlfriend, back off. And why are you sending yourself pics of him? and talking dirty? your'e giving yourself up to easily.

    don't be the other girl. how would you like it if you were his girlfriend and he was cheating on you with some girl?


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  • keeps you hoooked baby


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  • He isn't texting you back because his guilt finally got the best of him. Why are you interested in this guy who has a girlfriend? You're only helping him to cheat.