Should I text him again, or keep waiting?

I met a guy that I am interested in, and after talking/flirting a few times (about nothing dating-related), I finally texted him and asked him if he'd like to go out sometime. He replied saying that it sounded like fun and that he'd save my number. I replied saying to let me know when he is free (we both work a lot), and he said he would for sure. That was Tuesday morning and this is Friday afternoon...if he doesn't text me back by the end of this weekend should I text him again? I don't want to be nagging/annoying, but I also don't want him to forget about me. How long should I I just being paranoid? lol


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  • There's no harm in checking in with him, he may actually be waiting for you to text him, because you were the one who initiated this plan in the first place! :)

    On the other hand, in my experience with guys who are interested, they would immediately give you some dates when asked "when are you free", cause they would be willing to spend time with you however busy/booked they are.

    Just being devils advocate and looking at it from different angles :)


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  • Give it a week. People have plans for weekends usually weeks in advance, I know what I am doing usually two months in advance unless I have the weekend off and leave it open to relax.

    On Monday, shoot him a message suggesting going for drinks on Wednesday and go from there.

  • To be honest I've made this mistake plenty of times, don't ask when they are free, try and arrange it for a specific date/time and work around that if they can't do it. Just seems a little more assertive.

    • Yeah I've definitely realized I should have done now if I text him and try to set up a time, will I come off as annoying or assertive? It really hasn't been that long

    • I'd leave it till next week and just say to him that you have ____ free, if he wants to meet up. He should at least say if he's busy then offer another date. My personal rule of thumb is ask 3x over 3 weeks, after that I assume they aren't interested. Sometimes they text me sometimes they don't. I then feel that I'm not being annoying

    • Thank you!

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  • i wouldn't text him. if a guy wants too see you he will let you know. I know it sucks though! I hate waiting for a guy to hit me up.