What do guys find most sexy in a girl? Physically and emotionally.

What do guys find most sexy in a girl? Physically and emotionally. Just curious:) trying to learn more about the opposite gender!


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  • Good physical appearance and smile.

    You can get examples on appearance from almost anywhere in our society. In advertising, women are almost always presented attractively. I'm not necessarily saying it is your obligation to emulate this, but let's just say that is what the professionals are using to target men.

    The emotional appeal is a bit more open-ended. Some guys like the girl shy and quiet. Others like outgoing and confident. Still yet, there are guys who like everything in between. So on this matter, it is a safe bet to be yourself.

    What you want to refrain from is appearing depressed or unfriendly. Even shy people can be friendly if someone speaks to them. Being sarcastic, mean, nasty, or rude are all turn-offs. Smiles indicate friendliness, so they are the most effective physical gesture to indicating emotional attractiveness.


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  • Depends on the guy. For me it's the personality. Funny, outgoing. As for looks a nice body is good.


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