Would this devastate my girlfriend?

As you all may know my girlfriend got drunk at a party 3 months ago. She drank so much that she was about to start grinding with her friends but her brother stopped it, some guy was jerking off because of the outfit she was wearing and it splashed on her neck, some old guy started feeling on her boobs but her brother kicked his ass for it. Since then she has gone to rehab for her drinking and hasn't drank since, she claims she has changed and won't do it ever again if I broke up with her tommorow for what she did in the past 3 months ago would it devastate her or better yet break her heart. We've been together almost 2 years, I'm 22 and she's 21.


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  • It might but she will get over you (no offence) but hey if you don't want to be with her don't be

    • No I want to be with her, because she got help (and none taken) I can't imagine my life without her

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    • Well her big brother was there and took her home, I'm ready to eave this behind and focus on our relationship.

    • Well good I hope the best for you to ^_^ good luck


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  • She gets drunk all the time or there was one incident? Because I don't see how this should be a problem. There's nothing wrong with getting trashed with your friends a couple times once you become legal. And as far as those guys being retards - not her fault. Honestly I think you're the one with the problem, no offense.

    • She only did this one time

    • Then you need to cut her some slack and chill the f*** out. If I was her, I'd dump your ass before you could say "tequila". It's one time! Partying! Nothing wrong with having fun while drunk. Other people behaved badly, but that can't be helped. You, sir, have problems.

  • If she is 21 and has a drinking problem already I think if she got help she could change but give her this last chance it can be helpful to both you and her it gives you both a chance to figure things out

    • I told her this was her last chance, if she does it again I'm dumping her and cutting off all contact and I mean it.

  • Omg... That's terrible! What an awful drunk time!

    Anyway. It's going to hurt her really bad, but she's going to work it out.

  • give her some time! :D

    • I don't mean to sound dumb, but what do you mean.

    • Just wait. If youve already told her what you expect of her and if she doesn't meet these expectations, then she should already know what's going to happen. set your expectations realistically and wait her out

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