Is it weird that I kept kissing him so much?

Is it weird at all?

I really just can't help it. It's like almost an automatic thing that happened when I kissed him...

I just don't want it to become weird. I plan on seeing him this coming week, but I have a feeling I'm going to want to kiss him again! X) Oh no! But, it might happen! ;) Ahh...<3

We've been talking for about 3 months.. we're not officially a couple...YET! But we're getting there...

hopefully this week coming up we'll make it official.

Oops: OK. What I meant was that I kept kissing this guy I'm seeing. I kissed him twice on the same night of our first kiss. Not only that, but we kissed quite a bit every time. Does that mean we like each other a lot? Or that I just like kissing? I remember once, I kissed some guy a long time ago, and never again. But with him, I just kept going?


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  • don't listen to people when they say its touchy or clingy or annoying.Those people like to set rules about what is right and what wrong, when they might not even apply to certain people. Think of it as them trying to oppress you you do what you feel is right ok?

    It's really nice. If the guy finds it clingy or tell you its strange hold off the kisses a little. He'll want it again soon I bet. :)


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  • My guess would be that you really like each other a lot. Kissing is just a way of expressing it. You can ask him what he thinks about kissing. What do you exactly mean by "we'll make it official?"

    • Oh, I meant that he and I will be an official couple! That he will ask me to be his girlfriend. He and I previously talked about this.

    • Thank you for clarifying this for me. I think it's perfectly all right that you kiss a lot. Just out of curiosity, so that understand it better: do you also plan to tell others, like your friends and family, that you are an official couple. It's not just between you and him, right?

    • You're welcome, and of course. :) He just makes me a very happy person when I'm with him and I'm glad I met him. Short answer: yes. :)

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  • it could come off as you being clingy and being too much/beng too touchy feely and that could get annoying. Especially if you're really not all that great of a kisser and you're giving him mediocre kisses non-stop

  • He likes you.if he didn't try to stop you,and he let you,he definitely likes you. Try to be more slow though! It's not weird you kissed him,btw

  • Lol you didn't even give enough information about what you mean...I don't even know what you're talking about

    • Haha, well thanks! I updated the question now... hehe so yeah, I explained it a little more now. :)