Ladies, a relationship question: Should I be more aggressive for affection when I see her again?

A girl had us introduced summer of last year. We dated for 3-4 months and she did a number on me. I'm still crazy about the girl, always have been. every time I close my eyes, I see her face. I pray about her everyday. She was an angel, so I thought. Then it was like I didn't even know her for a while. She's young (will be 20 in October) but I see something special with her. My question is this.. She started talking to me again in April, and we text a few times a week. I've learned the hard way not to text her until she texts me first. She's just now opening up more and more to me, but has flings with guys, and I'm pretty sure its going to go in cycles until she's ready for something serious. Am I wasting my time here, or does she want to enter the friend zone with me? Should I be more aggressive for affection when I see her again? She def gets the best of me here


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  • Make a move on her if you're interested in her. Its as simple as that. If she's ready to be in a relationship or if she doesn't want to date you, at least you would know.


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