What's the best way to deal with this girl? Need to make a decision today

So this girl knows I like her (I told her months ago) and she didn't feel the same. So now she acts weird, like constant teasing and name calling and making fun of me even when I'm not even talking to her. When I do talk to her (just regular chit chat) she acts annoyed and tells people that I'm very annoying and I drive her "crazy". I have tried stopping talking to her but she gets upset when I do.

She does not act bitchy and sarcastic with anybody else. She says she does not like me (as a person) and yet she remember every single detail and conversations we've had months ago anf she constantly tries to talk to me and knows what to say to get a response from me (I also know how to push her buttons).

I don't mind her being like that with me, as a matter of fact I love when she argues with me and stuff but I wish she could let her guard down and be just plain nice and chatty like she is with others. I already told her I'm happy being friends and she kind of understands that because before she was uncomfortable with me doing certain things for her (like paying for lunch) or just wouldn't let me but know she does with just a bit of persuasion and a big smile on her face. What can I do to turn her around and treat me like she does others? I'm thinking just ignoring her from now on and forget about her, but I could use some advice.


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  • Communicate your feelings to her. Tell her that you find her behavior towards you to be inconsiderate and confusing, and that you're not open to being a punching bag or mistreated. It sounds like she's using that fact that you like her against you, to be mean to you. I'm a firm believer in the saying " you teach people how to treat you." If she's not willing to change after you have communicated how you feel to her, then move on. Let your actions indicate to her that there are no other options other than to respect you.


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  • Yes. You should try to move on (sorry). If she does like you, she is really messing with your mind. That isn't very nice. That is what tells me she really doesn't want something with you. Of couse I don't get why she would get mad if you stopped talking to her.

    Maybe just take a break for a couple of weeks and don't talk to her. Ask someone else out, if there is someone else you might like.

    Good luck.


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  • Tell her in a nice way to sh*t or get off the pot...