I feel SO bad :( want to give him the best!

So I've been with this guy for a few months and his birthday passed and I wasn't able to get him anything... Now this is because I wasn't working and no one would help me out. I am the type of girl who likes to pamper her man, and I Haven't been able to give him everything I feel he deserves. It really upsets me. I am aware that it is not all about the material things, but I feel awful. Even if we go out to eat or when I see him, I WANT SO BADLY to bring him things and to pay and surprise him, but because of financial difficulty I Haven't been able to put that smile on his face or take care of him the way I want to. I don't really talk to him about it that much because it just upsets me, but I feel like he may be thinking he can do better or I'm not good enough for him and such...



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  • Trust me...men (imo more than women) understand that in this economy, 99% of all people are tightening their belts financially.

    Especially if you live in the USA like I do.

    He probably understands your situation and why you can't "spoil" him like you want to.


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  • I doubt he would dump you because you can't afford to buy him a birthday present.

  • Um, sex is an acceptable gift you know. :)


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