Still after a year, boyfriend refuses to introduce me to his ex/friend?

Almost since the very beginning of our relationship, he told me he was still friends with his ex (they lasted 3 years and broke up 3.5 years ago, I've been with my boyfriend just one year). They have seen each other (gone out for a coffee or something) several times. It was very frequent in the beginning until I got upset, since she looked for him A LOT on phone (called every time I was with him). He told her to stop this and she did. However, I knew they still email each other and talk on the phone. I suggested all of us met, since she's "good friends" with him and part of his friends list, part of his life.

But after a year of them talking and hanging out, I'm still left out, and it pisses me off that every time he sees her, he informs me 2 hours before they meet, instead of telling me since he knows he's going to see her.

Why am I not allowed to just get to know his ex (he insists they're just friends)!? I know who she is, her name, what she looks like, but I've never talked to her, nor see her in person.


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  • why don't you talk to your boyfriend about it? you could ask him if his ex, he and you could go have a drink sometime :-). maybe with some other mutual friends.


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  • You're right to be suspicious. I wouldn't be comfortable with my boyfriend seeing his ex that often at all. There was obviously attraction there for them to date 3 years, and if he still wants to see her as often as he does, it's clear that hasn't gone away. I can't say for sure that he's physically cheating on you (although I wouldn't be surprised if there was at least a kiss here and there), but there is most likely emotional cheating. Otherwise he wouldn't be so reluctant to introduce the two of you. Actually, he wouldn't care to see her really at all.