Is there still a chance....? I could totally use some female advice!!!

In a long distance, we communicate all the time, It had been a few days, I was supposed to visit her in a week, yet she got crazy busy with work. I asked her if she wanted me to postpone it, she said yes, on little sleep I got mad and said it wasn't working out. That day I got drunk all day, texted her with no reply, and called her that night like 30 times wasted trying to apologize. She said I was crazy and wanted nothing else to do with me. A few days later, I wrote her a letter of apology, she didn't reply. I continued to text her asking if she would talk to me. She said no, I cancelled my flight. A few days later, I poured my heart over text, and her only replies were leave me alone, goooo away, she can't stand me, she is going to change her number, and leave me alone you crazy fck. I feel so horrible about this. I made a huge mistake and only made it worse trying to make it better. Is there still any chance? I really am a good loving guy, and was ready to move for this girl. Please help! Any advice is appreciated. It has been a week and a half since our breakup. Only a couple days, since she retaliated with intense cruelty :(


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  • repeat..

    • lol. again, trying to get as much perspective as I can!

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    • Should I let her know that I have been going to therapy too?

    • umm well id say that's up to you that's your choice (:


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  • Well clearly she's angry. Give her some time to cool down & clear her head. Then text/call her tell her how you feel. If things work out, that's great. If not you have to move on. Hope I helped (: Things will get better.

    • Thanks the girl below that said repeat...said that I should wait at least a month. I was going to email her. Not tell her how I feel cause I have done too much of that, but just tell her " Hi, I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. I would love to talk to hear back from you sometime soon. Take Care" What do you think?

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  • Female advice = NADA

    • so what's your advice? I messed up, and now she wants nothing to do with me. What would you do to get her back?

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    • In this world, those who do not forgive, are the ones with the problem ;)

    • I AGREE!