Who's getting played? Her ex or me?

My ex girlfriend and I are "dating" again after she broke up with her current ex-boyfriend because he is moving away for school. She dumped her recent ex last week and two days later she went back talking to me. She repeatedly said she is still in love with me, but she rejected being my official girlfriend when I asked her to be again. We hung out every day after the break up, but she continues to see her ex by going to his graduation party and this bar he invited her too.

A week just passed by, I just found out that she slept with her ex last night several times. Even though she rejected to be my girlfriend, she said that she is "in love with me" and when we shared constant affection (hugging, kissing, cuddling , etc) when I was with her. BUT we never had sex yet.

Am I getting played? Or her ex is?


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  • Uhhhh if she say she love you and want to be with you ,so why is she still having sex with him and trying to convince you she love you. Yea I think you are getting played because it seems she's trying to get the best of both worlds at the same time. You need to ask her what do she want and tell her to make up her mind and if not then you will make it up for her. But it looks like to me she keep jumping around from guy to guy so it doesn't seem she really knows who or what she wants. I wouldn't get back with her if I was you , I think it's just setting yourself up to get hurt in the long run.


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  • YOU are getting played. How did you feel typing all that out? Because it seems to me you are naive and purposely ignoring your gut instincts. She is using you to no end. You are only there so that she doesn't have to feel alone. Think about it this way, if her 'now ex ' decided to stay in town.. who do you think she will continue a relationship with? Because off the mark, I can tell you now... It would NOT be you. Dump her and get on with your life. She is holding you back from doing better.

  • sorry to say I think you r. if her ex wasn't moving who would she be with?sounds like she is one of those girls who is afraid of being alone,


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