What is he trying to say?

So, I like this guy (prety sure he likes me too) and we talk quite often. But geographically, we can't be together. Last night I started to bitch at him about him hooking up with girls and telling me about it. Then this morning he texted me saying that some really hot girl slept in his bed with him last night and that he didn't even touch her.


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  • He's trying to show that even if its handed to him on a silver plate he's not going to always go for it.

    I can understand your frustration with him telling you about the girls he hooked up with but if he really liked you he wouldn't tell you that information. Just tell him "look I like you, obviously due to geographical locations I know we can't be together but because of my feelings for you I can't sit here and listen to you tell me about all these girls you have/are going to be with" or somethign along the lines of that.

    I'm also suprised that a guy under the age of 18 is having all these girls over and having sex with them, I guess times have changed since I was under 18 hahaha my parents probably wouldn't have allowed a girl to even stay the night let alone in my bed with me, not under their roof


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  • If you can't date geographically

    just stop. Why hurt yourself?


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  • I donno, if he DOES like you, I think the only reasons he would tell you he was hooking up with other girls would be to make you jealous. Like you bitched him out for hooking up and he responded by saying he spent the night in bed with a hot girl and didn't even touch her. That would still piss me off personally, hooking up or not. It's almost like he's pushing your boundaries, and seeing how much you'll let him get away with. IMO it's pretty disrespectful.. like if her REALLY liked you, he wouldn't rub that sh*t in your face. Sounds like a biiiig manipulative player to me and you should run for the hills from that type of dude.

  • I think that's his way of saying that whatever you said last night, it got through to him. But... if he likes you, why is he hooking up with other girls?

    • We live hours apart. It'll never work at this age. If we lived in the same area, I'm positive we'd date. So I can't really expect him to stop banging girls.

    • I was/am in a similar situation, but the guy isn't hooking up with anyone. We live eight hours apart, and we would date if we were in the same place, but we've come to an understanding that neither of us are going to date or have sex until we meet up. If there's mutual affection, you kinda should expect him to stop having sex with other people.

    • That's cute that he'd do that for you.