Is he making excuses? Or am I over reacting?

I have been talking to this guy for about 5-6 months now. We both have agreed that we have gotten to no each other a lot, and that we are dating. We have been hanging,going out to places and such.He has met my parents, and even my sibling. We are planning a trip together, and before I go on this 3 day trip with him. I think it would be right for me to meet his family. His family knows about about me according to him but they don't know that we are dating. In my personal opinion is it too early to meet his parents or should I wait for when the time is right? But were both going away to school in a month and I don't want to pressure him. Am I overreacting? Is he trying to hide me from his friends and family?


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  • The right time is when he's ready, but a year of dating and not being introduced to the family is going WAY to far and you got a while until a year. I would think(since you guys are going to school soon) is to meet his family during Thanksgiving break or Christmas would be perfect and start pushing him a month ahead of time to convince him into the meet.

    I wouldn't say he's hiding you. I personally HATE the first meet and I'm usually the last in my past relationships to introduce my family to my partner because I feel like its pressure especially if you really like the person because first impressions are everything. Just be a little less hard on him about it, but don't just drop the subject maybe once a week or every so often make fun or bring up the subject that you want to meet his family (:

    I wish you two the best of luck<3


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  • I really think you should put little pressure on him to do so. He knows his family a lot more than you do, so there may be reasons why he is taking his time with introducing you to his loved ones. Let him know that its something you'd like to do, and let him take it from there. He will eventually let you meet his family, when the time is right.

  • i think he is either asshamed of his family or he knows his family won't like you. tell him you think family is important and you won't go further in the relationship intil you have met his family. if he would rather sacrifice the relationship then introducing you to his family then move on