Do you think I was leading this guy on?

I met a guy at my college orientation and we hit it off so he asked to hang out and I said sure. We hung out the whole day and apparently he said (later on) it was a date. I didn't take it that way but he ended up asking me out again and I realized that hanging out to him was a date, which was fine. I'm starting college and am open to just dating guys. We've known each other almost a month, had gone out maybe 3 times and I just didn't like his personality all that much so I started to tone everything down to friends and stopped flirting and everything. He asked me later on what was going on so I told him that we're good friends and he was upset that we didn't end up in a relationship. I explained that since I was recently (5 months) out of a close relationship and all I want is to date. So he said that he wants a relationship (its been 4 years for him) and that I was leading him on. Was I?


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  • If you flirted, you led him on. Sorry, but ask any guy, and you'll get than answer.

    Girls don't understand how our brains work.

    So for all the girls out there--if you don't like a guy like that, STOP TALKING TO HIM! It's for his own good, trust me. I wish we could just be nice friends, but that's pretty hard.

    • But that's the thing, when I stopped liking him I texted back a few word answers to be nice an not just cut him off out of no where. I never continued to flirt, he asked if I'd meet his family and I straight up said that it wasn't a good idea

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    • I didn't flirt though. And really? it seems like that would have upset him.

    • *Really.* Trust me, we can't be friends with a girl we like. It's a pathetic lie because we hope you'll fall for us. And I guess I misunderstood, because your question says near the end that you stopped flirting with him after he started acting serious.


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  • Not really. He asked you out on a date, and you went out with him on the date. You never promised the kid a relationship.

    • But he said that he felt we were heading to that direction and thought I was too, so since I wasn't he said I was the jerk by stringing him along. Which I know some girls do so the guy pays for the dates (which is just cruel) but I paid for everything :/

  • Kinda cause he thaught yall were going on dates and after 3 or so dates guys like to see major progess whether it be sex or a relationship

    • I told him sex wasn't going to happen from the very start and seriously? a relationship after less than a month?

  • No, Guys have trouble Figuring out some girls, which is extremely frustrating. and he was desperate. You did nothing wrong.

    • Alrighty thanks, I hate to hurt people's feelings so now I can stop feeling bad haha

  • Lol at girls who think guys just want to "hang out"

    • so you don't think a guy would ever just want to hang out with a friend who happens to be female..?

    • Lol at girls who think that guys just want to be friends. Unless you are way under our league or are useful to us in some way(have hot friends, helps with schoolwork) then we want to smash you

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  • No. Sometimes guys will say you led them on because they misinterpreted your signals and didn't get the response they wanted. You can't control that. You werent intentionally leading him on for your own gain so you did not lead him on. You went out a few times (even paid for yourself), decided you didn't like him and you stopped flirting with him and acting the way you used to. It sounds like he led himself on, and kept hanging around you out of his own volition hoping he could wear you down. once he found out he could not, he blames you.

    • Thanks, I think he's mostly mad that I stopped texting and we never went out again :/