Do you think my girlfriend sounds mad?

I've been with my girlfriend for around 6 months. We used to talk on the phone and text a lot, but lately I've just been busy and tired so we haven't been talking/texting as often. She sent me a text the other night and asked if everything was okay with us since we hadn't been talking that much lately. I explained to her that I'm just not a fan of the phone and can't talk that often, and texting just isn't personable. So, I didn't talk or text her at all yesterday. I sent her a text today apologizing and said I would ring her tonight. She replied "That's fine, honey. I know that you're not a fan of the phone. I have to close at work tonight, and probably won't get off till past your bed time. So, I guess I'll just talk to you tomorrow." Do you think that she sounds mad?


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  • I think it's worst than her being mad. Anger would mean she cares. I think it's, apathy.

    Your dislike for the phone may be valid for you, but a relationship with barely any communication is really not a relationship at all. I would think wanting to hear her voice would supersede your "dislike" for the phone.

    I'm not sure how much you like her or whether you're in love with her, but deep down inside, all we really want to know is that someone "wants" us. The best way that is shown is through effort, time and words being exchanged. I suggest you try a little harder.


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  • Yes, she sounds angry! Otherwise, she'd welcome any call from you...and when she quotes you like that, you can be pretty sure she's mad!

    Quuotes are never a good sign1

  • she doesn't sound mad...but chances are she is lol.