What gives with this???!!!

ya so I'm 16 and I've never even kissed a guy! not even in some stupid situation like kindergarten or something. I mean, I hope it's not that I'm extremely unattractive, cause I mena I never thought I was that ugly. but really, what gives? am I too picky, idk, guys just don't ask me out er anything and I don't get it. I mean I'm kinda smart guess you could say, is that a turn off? what?! I'm so depressed that no guy has EVER liked me EVER!


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  • Who cares that you have never kissed someone? Focus on your school work now and when you get to college you will find someone that you like and they like you. About a few days ago I was like you, I was on the verge of thinking I was ugly but yet I didn't think I was ugly. But than I have seen this one girl that won't stop looking at me. I just decided to do all my school work and I knew I would find a girl some how. You should do the same, and besides dating in high school is mainly for practice because most likely you 2 will go to different colleges and break up because of it.

    • Couldent have said it better myself but yeah don't worry I'm in the same situation as you :)


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  • You're not the only one


  • you obviously care too much about boys which is a huge turn off.

    kissing isn't everything.

    you seem fake and loud which is pretty annoying.

    i'm 16 too.

    i know plenty of people that haven't been kissed yet either.


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  • Have you ever thought you don't have any "game". I mean girls who are Easy aren't worth making Wifey. They don't want to k I s s a young lady that doesn't make a guy guess. I mean can you even pull a boy? Like walk in the mall, and catch a cute boy's attention? Exchange numbers? Maybe even exchange a couple words with eachother? You got to take baby steps before you go to first base =]

  • It does not matter that you have not kissed anyone yet or got a boyfriend.

    You are still very young and have plenty of time to be worrying about that. Just enjoy your life, enjoy being young and single. Have fun with your friends and when the time is right you will meet the right guy and you will get your first kiss. It will happen when you least expect it.