Guys- what is the longest you'll wait to call a girl you like?

i know lots of guys don't want to come off as desperate/needy etc.. so what is the longest you'll wait to call a girl?

safe to say after a week, no call back, he's not interested?


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  • Kind of depends. If I'm really interested I usually won't wait more that a day or two. That's because I feel like that's a good amount of time to convey that I'm excited to talk to her, but at the same time doesn't make me seem needy. I'm sure it depends on the guy though


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  • I have no time limit... I call when I want. If she assumes the worst, it's her problem. Too many women out there to give a crap. It might sound sh*tty but think about it. Those thoughts just show how mature the person is. Do I want to really be with someone who starts laughing & thinking I'm desperate because I called a day later after getting her number.

  • I call the next day to see how they are.

    Any later I probably forgot your name due to how pickled I got and entered your name under hotchick#3 and am way too embarrassed to call.

    • lol!

      what about if its a girl you've been hanging out with for a while?

    • Tricky question if I'm likely to see you again I won't call at all as I prefer face to face communication like most guys.

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  • i say if more than 3 days pass by it is "iffy", if more than a week passes by it's lame and may as well forget it