Girls, what the hell is my ex's problem?

my ex keeps giving me mixed signals. I don't usually talk to her but I met up with her once and she started throwing herself at me. when I didn't acknowledge it because she's in a r/s, she went home to post all kinds of sad twitter/away messages which I assume was about me though I'm not entirely sure. because I still had feelings for this girl I texted her saying that I did still have feelings for her and that I didn't expect anything but I wanted to let her know. no reply. a few days later I texted her again if she got the text because apparently she was updating her iphone and I'm not sure if she got it. still no reply. a few min after she posted some twitter message about skincare? its really pissing me off. I got really hurt by this girl once...


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  • Leave her alone. The fact that she isn't responding should tell you that she doesn't respect your or care for your feelings. I'm sorry that this has happened. But this is just something that you can chalk up to experience and never let it happen again. If she contacts you ignore her. No matter how badly you want to talk with her, DON'T. Its for your own good.


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  • I think you should let it go and move on. She doesn't sound good to me at all, you can find someone better, forget about her, she hurt you and not answering your textes is just being a bitch if you ask me. I know I"d never do it, I"d answer! It's common courtesy.


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  • Only thing I can say is she seems like a bitch, you obviously broke up for a reason, she sounds like she would come with a lot of baggae if you got back together.