Should I still tell her that I like her?

ok well I was gonna tell this girl that I liked her until I found out she was dating someone else. I asked her who she was dating she told me and asked why, I told her I was just wondering and she replies OK (:. I told her I had a confession to make but not anymore. she told me to tell her and that she still wanted to know. should I still tell her that I like her?


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  • Are you guys close? D you talk a lot, and can you trust her? If so go for it, you have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain. But id be wary if its a girl you don't know too well

    • well I've talked to her lots I jsut haven't hung out with her lots. but I do wanna tell her.

    • Have her and this new guy been dating long? Better to tell her now than 3 months down the line when they could be more serious. Its a risk, but so is everything :) maybe tell her you think you both get on really well, youd like to hang out more, something like that?

    • she said "well we can still hang out"


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  • I think go for it then. Tell her, what's the worst that could happen?

  • Have you had past hints that maybe she likes you back?


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