What am I supposed to do when another guy steals the girl I am talking to or dancing on my face?

This have happened like 4 times and it really pisses me off, I mean does what literally happens, I will be dancing with a girl or talking and some guy just takes her away from me, he doesn't even ask me, he just takes her away from me. What am I supposed to do on that moment?

dancing with on my face?*


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  • If she wanted to be taking to/dancing with you, she will come back to you and tell the other guy to buzz off. It's a pretty douche move, the best thing I can say is to shake it off and chalk him up to being an a**hole. Fighting or something won't get you anything but sore knuckles, though.


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  • No offense sweetie, but DebiPie is kind of right.

    Coming from a girl; if I'm dancing with a guy and I really like him and I'm enjoying the dance; I'm not going anywhere! lol I've been in that situation many times where I'm dancing with a guy and another guy tries to snatch me away. I just politely smile and say "No, thanks" I won't leave. A guy can't make a girl dance with him. I've even been dancing with a guy and had a guy be so bold as to come up to me and try to grind his d*** on me and make a sandwhich of me! >:O

    As much as it sucks, in that situation, there's really nothing you can do. If she's not your girlfriend or someone you're seriously dating and she actually decided to leave dancing with you and go to him; what is there to do? All you can do is just put on a confident, strong face and still enjoy yourself. Whatever you do; DON'T look miserable and sad that she left, even if that's what you feel. Don't show it. When you're in the club or at a party and people are competing, you have to keep on a game face and act like you don't care even if you're confidence level doesn't let you truly feel it.

    • *For future reference, if you guys are really into each other and guys get the impression that she's your girlfriend or you're seriously dating, they won't try that sh*t*

  • Theres really nothing you can do, because at the moment when the other guy comes up and asks her to dance with him and she says yes, he's not really stealing her away from you; she's letting him and giving him permission to dance with him, with or without your consent.

    But IF that really pisses you off, you should tell the guy "hey bro, she's with me". Or she can say "Im not interested".

    • that's a pretty douchy moove from both of them...and what do you mean if that pisses me off, what would you do if you were talking to a guy you like and some bitch stole him from you? You wouldn't be too happy. So don't play the the posessive card on me.

    • It is a stupid move I agree, and if the bitch wants to steal the guy that I like, I will let her, I'm not one to make a scene and I don't care...when someone is interested in you, they show it and they will give a reason to the other person that they want to talk to you and not them.

  • hes supposed to ask her, not you.

    i think it sucks she leaves, and I'm sorry you have to feel bad. but that's her leaving,not him taking her. she's not a chair. she's a human being.

  • If she left with him, he didn't steal her.


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  • Hit the gym. Next time sh*t like this happens stop the guy and ask him if it's his girl. Some girls like to flirt even in a relationship.

    If she, most likely, says no. Feel free to push the chump aside.