Random text from a weirdo?

I'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I got a random text last night from a random number (not my area code, nor was it local so it wasn't an ex) and the number said, "karma is a bitch, and they called me by my full name. Which gives me the creeps. I called my phone company and had them blocked, but they know my name and number what else do they know, you know! Sooo, I'm freaked out, my friends keep telling me to just let it go it was someone being stupid but I don't know.I did something last year that was against the law.. I use to lead lets just say "a different life" it was illegal but had nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. Any advice? Should I be scared or is it someone childish.. id rather not go to jail over something in my past...


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  • I would judge how seriously to take the text by how serious the crime was. Perhaps your phone company could inform you of where the individual is situated. Like where the area code is from and see if your illegal activities would have dealt with that area. It is definitely creepy and you may want to double check your Facebook privacy settings to make sure people who aren't your friends can't find out information about your address etc.

    That's pretty messed up all in all though. I'm mad curious about what you did now lol.

    • here ill message it to u

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    • you'll see that its not extremely serious or anything

    • no not at all :) no worries there


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  • Sounds creepy :/ I wouldn't put any weight in the area code though. You know those free texting apps you can get for iPods? You can set the area code to be anywhere you like in those. So if this person texted you from one of those apps they could make their area code from far away when they are really living in the same town as you. A good trick to try if you haven't already is to call the number. If it goes to voice mail you might get lucky and the person will say their name. And if it is one of those free texting numbers, it will say so when you call it.

    • i blocked them out of fear sadly lol

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    • Well if you feel truly uncomfortable it might be best to get the police involved. They have the technology to find out beyond a doubt who sent that text given probable cause.

    • well I think I'm gonna give it a week if nothing happens ill feel alright

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  • I wouldn't take it lightly. That is creepy. Whatever happened in the past, sounds like somebody is coming back for revenge against you. I would watch your back.

    • it wasn't even that bad which is why I don't understand, I guess you could go to jail for what I did but it was like over a year ago and it had something to do with fb and I deleted the fb

    • Oh, I had other reasons in mind. I wouldn't worry about it too much then. :)

  • the past always comes back to haunt you. they obviously know who you are and have your information