What makes a girl think a guy is crazy?

This girl cut all ties with me. She complained about me being nice one minute then cussing her out the next. She also mentioned something about how I shouldn't be so paranoid. Does she think I'm crazy or something?


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  • well I think out of everyone, girls are the craziest. maybe in this case. she was the crazy one. I think what would make a guy, or anyone really seem crazy, is being very moody, have multiple personalities, being super parnoid about everything, just the average craziness. sometimes girls think that a guy with bad anger management issues could be crazy.

  • Nope. you're not crazy. Are you two distant from each other or something? The question is, what makes you so paranoid and HER VIEW? You mentioned something that she thinks you're paranoid right? maybe you don't have your full trust that you kept on asking or cussing her about something. Or you became overprotective for her that she can't take all the cussing and change of mood everyday. MAYBE.


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