Do/have you go through phases in your dating life?

My friend is so odd. At first, she was really into white guys and Asian guys, that seemed to be the type she fawns over. Now she doesn't really care for that, now she fawns over black guys. I swear next is going to be Hispanic guys lol. Has anyone else ever gone through phases, dating/relationship wise?

It doesn't have to be race related, that was just my example.


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  • I think she's just exploring her options in men and appreciating their physical beauty which is quite normal. Maybe she will be into skater guys or bad boys or artsy guys. I doesn't mean anything. A woman will be attracting to certain men in her teens and it will be completely different in her 20s or 30s and so forth. Most women don't stick to a certain type. In fact, no one really has a type. It's all about attraction which does not come in a race color, body shape, height, etc. We all say we want something but usually end up with the opposite because of attraction. I personally love white guys but I've dated men of all different races. My first boyfriend and ex-fiancee were both black. I think some people go through phases and switch around which is just human curiosity. And some just don't which is cool too. It's just about being happy and enjoying all spectrums of the opposite gender. She's just having fun and so should you :D Because eventually, you will come the conclusion that all men are beautiful in their own way.


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  • Actually yeah, first it was asians, then Hispanic guys for a few years but after dating a few it wasn't working and I was more attracted to white guys and now I'm happy being with a white dude:P

  • yes I was very into older guys, dated two guys who are about 12 years older, one was only one date but one went for a while, never turned serious but it was pretty awful and I don't think I'd date that much older again.

    • Why was it awful, if you don't mind me asking?

    • despite people saying you will have nothing in common or anything to talk about, we had a lot in that respect, and had a lot of fun together and good conversations. but, I caught him in lies, he talked down to me and treated me with less respect like I am not an equal, he tried and sometimes succeeded with manipulating me, and sometimes I even felt lower than a person. and I could tell it was mostly just physical, he liked having and being seen with a young woman, I look much younger than him.