My mom says this is a red flag because he is liable to trick me in the future?

On Wednesday my boyfriend and I went to the movies. He invited my mom and I. When we arrived he said he had no money and my mom ended up paying for the whole thing. Then later the water was only $3 dollars each so she ended up paying for that to. After the whole movie and once we went home (my boyfriend went to his house and I went to mine) my mom got and is still a little mad at him. She says she can't trust him because he never told her he didn't have money. She also said that its not right that he invited us to the movies and didn't end up paying. I also think what he did was wrong but this is really the only thing he has done wrong. Aside from him not working and not going to college (which he is scheduled to in August) this is the only thing he has done wrong. My mom says this is a red flag because he is liable to trick me in the future. I like to keep in mind that I am 16 and am not going to get married for a long long time. I just would like to know what you would do in a situation like this. Considering that this is the first thing he has done something wrong and keeping in mind that he is not in college or working. Please help!

We have been dating for one year and 5 months he should know better by now.


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  • i think that it is something to watch out for and you should talk to him about it calmly and see how he reacts. I agree that it isn't too good.


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  • He might have made the plans while he had money.

    • But if he made the plans for Wednesday knowing that he was going to treat 2 people for the theater he shouldve saved his money instead of blowing it off. I know if I'm going to treat him and his parents to the movies I'm not going to blow off all my money the day before.

    • He might have had to spend it on something. Maybe he forgot his wallet. He probably just didn't have the money, but there are possible excuses.

    • He did have his wallet in fact he took it out as if pretending he had money opened it and said "well I have no money" (an act of which my mom truly hated) so no he didn't forget his wallet and he wouldve told me if he had to spend it on something important since he tells me everything.

  • I wouldn't ask a girl out if I didn't have enough money to pay for a movie. I think he should be able to do the same. If he asks again make sure he has enough money if he doesn't there is no point in asking.

    • I actually don't want to go to the movies with him anymore because I'm just gonna start stressing over if he has the money or not or if he has ENOUGH money or not. I'm just gonna stress over every detail so I don't wanna go to the movies with him anymore at least until our relationship has matured a little more. I think it shouldve been mature considering we've been dating one year and 5 months.

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    • Who me or him? Because if he doesn't work how is he gonna pay for the movies? He is a year behind all the kids that graduated with him AND he is a leech (living with his parents, not working, etc.)

    • Whoops sorry -^^-

  • Make him pay your mother back the money she spent.


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  • total red flag girl! from my experience listen to your mom regardless if you hate what she tells you, moms are always right! plus regardless of the movies, he seems like a free loader, he doesn't work, he doesn't go to school. seems like he doesn't have a goal in life, seems like he's not going to go very far. If you been this long with him, then I don't know how you did it girl. Just think of it this way, if you were to stay with him for the rest of your life, don't you think he needs to step up with finding a job or trying to get a college diploma for better job than getting paid minimum wage?

    I know it seems like a big deal over his reaction because of the movies but one reaction can cause a million of problems! you also said you don't plan on marrying any time soon. well girl take good care of your self if you know what I mean, because if he's like this now imagine how he'll be if you were to get married with him or had a kid?

    why you think OLDER WOMEN DON'T DATE, THEY INTERVIEW! hope this helped girl! good luck!

    • thankies it did the thing is supposedly he is gonna start college this year "supposedly" he even took the admissions test which he got a perfect score. And no I was never mad at my mom I know what she says is for my own good

  • It's no huge deal. Just tell your man that you're mom was a little upset over the money situation and have him take her out to a nice dinner to re pay her.

    • It wasn't so much about the money as it was what he did. My mom didn't like that fact that he literally took out his wallet as if to pay and then said "well I have no money" (an action which she says makes him tricky)

    • Ask him to apologize maybe?. He was probably embarrassed that he couldn't pay and was trying to be chill about it.

    • Thats the thing my mom never accepts apologies I do but she doesn't she believes that if your going to say sorry might as well not have done something to be sorry about to begin with so in reality I might just have to wait til she's less mad at him. He also doesn't know that she's mad at him.