Am I completely oblivious or what?

Guys, there is a guy friend of mine from my home town that I talk to online from time to time now that I live in another town. We work in the same field and he constantly makes remarks about how I should come to his work so that I can show him how to do this or that.

Now, I know he's not being serious, and I've always taken it as him just picking at me. But, today it dawned on me that it may be his way of flirting.That or he sees me as a friend and it is just fun to talk about? I don't know. But those kinds of things I never pay much thought to when talking to guys. I wonder how many are hitting on me and I don't even know it.

Also, he wanted me to play a computer game with him a while back . After telling me how to download a trial he immediately offered to buy it for me if I like it. Is that normal? What do ya'll think? Am I completely dense or what?


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  • Of COURSE he's flirting. He's been obviously showing interest in you and trying to engage you in conversation and so forth, and he's been HOPING for some clear signs that you're romantically intersted too, because without that, he won't take the risk of going any further. So, yes, you've been oblivious, but now you've opened your eyes and are starting to see what's really going on.

    So, do you like him? If so, you need to let him know. The best way is just to talk to him, but if you can't/won't do that, then at least start returning the attention he's giving to you. Smile at him, talk to him, touch him (hand/arm), give him hugs, etc. Make it clear that you like him, so he can find the courage to make the next move.

    • Mr. Oracle, eh? You work in IT don't you? lol

    • I did, actually, but I'm not a database guy or anything. The name was suggested to me because I was told "you have all the answers." Of course, that's the same reason Larry Ellison named his database company Oracle...


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  • Yes, he's dropping hints! You ARE a little oblivious! But that can be cute, so don't worry too much about it. Just start taking him up on some of these offers if you're at all interested in the poor guy.

  • I personally wouldn't buy things for a girl I don't have any kind of special attachment to, also I have said things like you should come ___ as a joke/invitation if they were interested.

  • i think that most guys (like me) are totally half-serious when it comes to those kind of things. like testing the water I guess


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