What does he mean by this?

I went out with my friend who I happened to like, he was the one who asked me out on the date. So the date went well overall but during it he mentioned he doesn't know if he likes me as more than a friend. What does his not knowing mean and why did he ask me out then?


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  • Could have been his way of saying it was just a date as friends, or he could have been testing to see if you liked him more then just friends, or him hinting that he likes you more then just friends he just isn't sure if it will be recieved well :D.


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  • that's mean he need to know more want he's in to really

    sometime you have a crush on somebody but finally it work more for a friendship than a couple

    by the way for how long you are in that situation?

    • I have liked the guy for almost a year and we are good friends. It was about 2 weeks ago since the date and thus this situation. Also our talking and everything has decreased since then. :(

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    • Thank you, only I'm not sure how to clear the situation if he won't talk to me.

    • if you dating him you must talk to him even he doesn't want to

      if he still refuse you know what to to then

  • Be straight up and grow up/

    • I actually did ask him straight up a few days after the date, which is probably why I'm not on speaking terms anymore. I need a solution to get him comfortable enough to tell me one way or the other.

    • If you ask someone straight up and cannot get a straight up answer then move on

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  • ask him what he means when he says he doesn't know how he feels, just be straightforward about it


  • he might have either wanted you to admit your feelings or maybe he was unsure before the date like he is now and he wanted to see how you guys got along on this date.

    • I had already admitted I had feelings and wasn't sure if I still did. He then asked if I was interested in someone else and few days later the situation described above occurred.

    • he might just want to see how you connected because he might not know for sure his feelings for you.