We have been dating for a month after we? Please help.

met online about 3 months ago, we have been chatting almost everyday and meet on weekends cause we live 2 hours away from each other. Long story short she has gone to a different country on vacation and should have came back 2 days ago, and she hasn't text me so far, but I left a message. She told me that she goes there with friends and they would also meet a guy friend of hers. I am worried cause my ex girlfriend met a guy on vacation whom she married later. Thus its a bit frustrating to me. What should I do? Do I relax and wait for her response?

After my ex behaved that way I am a bit caution of being cheated on.


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  • Understandably you are a little paranoid but she is probably just dealing with jet lag and unpacking and the awful idea of having to get back to work. Give it a couple more days.


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  • Usually a delay of communication seems suspicious but often times (in my own life) it's to slow someone down because they are trying to hard to get me to communicate. Meaning, take a chill pill and go out with your buddies, get lost in a good time with them and your worries will likely dissipate (maybe not completely, but some) and then she will likely call. If she cheats on you, at least you didn't waste your breath worrying about a low-life; and if she returns home comfortably, you can say that you take pride in a woman who you didn't have to babysit.

    ~ ArtistBBoy