Is it possible that we will be together?

Me and this guy are friends with benefit for quite some time. Before that we were in a relationship but it didn't work out so we broke up. I guess we fallen in love and got together too fast without really understanding each other well. And then after we broke up, things seem to go pretty well. We still hang out and we have a lot of sex. The sex feels great but I was thinking how long are we going to remain like this until we get serious. Is he going to pop the question? Does he still likes me to start all over again? Or guys like him just think it is the sex and he probably isn't going to get serious?


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  • Sure it's possible...but I don't like it that you were already together and broke up...check out my answer here-----> link


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  • you're giving the milk for free. he got just what he wanted, he doesn't have to be committed to you and he keeps you on a string, thinking you will get back together. news flash, you won't. he lured you in with a relationship and now he has the benefits. it's not going anywhere more most likely.