Doesn't a girl make time for a guy she likes?

OK, we settled on friends. I was cool with that, we both seemed super duper interested in each other at first. I've gone out with her a couple times to eat and grab tea. However she is always and I mean always doing something. I'm never invited, I ask her what she is doing. I know she isn't lying because I she pictures and such. Its like she just sees me when its convenient for lunch at work. OK, that's cool and all but I thought we were friends! Don't friends hang out and do things? Why am I being treated so distant? I always contact her, she never contacts me. I feel like giving up, even on just the friends :( :(


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  • To her you're a casual friend at best, nothing else. Plus, if you guys went out only a couple times you can't be very big friends already anyway. But one thing is clear, she has no romantic interest in you. Girls that like a guy will always find an excuse to be near him hoping he'll take interest on them and ask them out. Several girls I dated told me how they had planned their moves with me. You wouldn't believe how much most girls think ahead. So her not bothering reaching for you is a clear sign that you're not a big priority for her.


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  • Usually yes.. but it sems like you value your friendship more than she does =( if it is a true friendship she would reach out to you too but it seems kinda one sided from what you tell here.

  • It seems like you want to spend more time with her than just being friends. I'm sure she has other friends she needs to spend time with as well. It seems like she only wants to be friends with you. Don't make it harder on yourself by expecting to spend more time with her and end up with her liking you.

    • well hey I thought we were friends, I guess I'll just clam up. Cross her name of my friends list, she's just not acting like a friend whatsoever :(. Actually I don't really want more than friends, especially if a true friend treats me like this, ugh.

    • Live and learn I guess, she's got a lot of guy friends too. So I guess I am the odd one out. Live and learn I guess...

  • yes but I don't always invite my friends along with my other friends


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