What to do when a girl says we need to slow things down?

What to do when a girl says we need to slow things down and don't want to ruin what we already have. We were spending a lot of time together and everything felt so right, going with the flow. There are feelings on my side and think she has some to yet there are barriers also which I get.

Thank you for the quick responses however she told me today that she just wasn't ready for a relationship like she thought she might of been and I know for a fact that there is an Ex involved in there that she jumps for every single time. I think she still has feelings for him and whether she admits that or not I don't think she will have success with anyone until she is over that. I am also not the only one that thinks this in our circle of friends and was brought up just hours before.


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  • Speaking from her pov, go slow. When she says she wants things to slow down, it means she is uncomfortable. It could be that she has other priorities that she wants to set straight before getting serious, or it could simply be that she is uncomfortable with some kinds of physical contact. Try to judge things by her body language and if all else fails, sit down and ask her what it is that's making her want to slow down. It depends on your relationship, how long you've known each other, etc. Stick to fun dates, stress free dates such as bowling or movies, and allow her to take a little control as she's ready. Good luck!


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  • It means the girl is asking for her bf's understanding and give her more time to adapt or catch up with his pace, especially in sexual matters.

  • well first things first avoid sexual stuff and try to do things in public like going out to dinner and a movie or perhaps dance classes try to have fun without sex


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