What does it mean when a guy reacts like this?

So I came with a nice black dress and some nice casual heels to my college since it's summer plus many girls at my colleges wear their nice summer dress and I felt I wanted to do the same. Boy, did I get the attention, on the train, on the streets, outside my college, inside my college, just everywhere and all these nice compliments and guy staring saying "You modeling?" "You're startling" or "You're sexy you know that" or "If I was 20 years younger I'll date you". I saw my crush and he had his head tilted just staring at me and we just locked eyes for like 4 sec until I turned away and then I look back at him and STILL was staring at me. Then like 10 minutes later I walked over his direction, he then turns my direction without realizing I was walking towards his direction and he stares for like 2 sec and then turn away slowly and then I start digging in my purse and I see he tries to take a glance at me but then I looked at him and he looked away. Then like 5 minutes later I'm going down this electric escalator and I see him staring at me for like 3 sec but he thought I didn't notice and then he turned away before I looked at him. I just let him because I want him to have like a picture clear in his memory ahaha no blurry photo memory of me in this dress. Heck, I'm pretty sure he checked out my booty after I walked right pass him.


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  • it means you're very sexy in that dress.

    I wouldn't ware it all the time or the feeling might ware off and I could see things going down hill from there.

    • Ofc, I won't do that. That how seduction works. You do it RARELY :P but still look normally njce in your clothes :P

    • yeah. :) if you ever get the courage to ask him on a date just tell him you'll ware the black dress.

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  • dartmai used little black dress on crush... it was super effective!

    He likes you for sure ha ha go chat to him ;)

  • You made his brain stop working,lol. He really likes you.


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  • It means he thinks you look hot. Go for it girl! ;)