Is it even possible today to find a girl who doesn't still talk to her ex?

Seriously I don't think I know one girl who still doesn't talk to one of her ex's. I'm not talking about being acquaintances. I'm talking about they hang out occasionally and text on a daily basis.

What's even scarier is when ever I've confronted people about this or had discussions with my peers about the issue, most girls don't think its a problem?

I never seem to see guys do this. Once they break up with a girl, they just cut off contact unless she contacts him first.

Why do so many girls do this? How is this ever a good idea? And are there any girls left who don't have a ex they text on a daily basis?


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  • I wouldn't say I'm friends with any of my ex-boyfriends. One of them is married now and we're friends on Facebook but never talk. The other one sends me an email a couple of times a year which usually results in some petty argument. Another one completely ignored me after we broke up and aside from a curt email a year later I've not heard from him. The most recent one, we were friends for almost a year after the break-up, but now that doesn't seem to work anymore and I guess we won't be in touch ever again.

    I don't have anything against being friends with an ex per se, but it does seem to be hard for me. I don't think you can be friends right after a break-up. Or I can't anyway. There's just too many hurt feelings, too many arguments, and it keeps at least one of you from moving on. In theory, I think it would be nice to be able to be civil with people you dated once.

    Although I have to disagree that guys never are friends with their ex-girlfriends. On the whole, all of the guys I've ever dated were on much better terms with their ex-girlfriends than I was with mine.

    • "There's just too many hurt feelings, too many arguments, and it keeps at least one of you from moving on"...BINGO!


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  • i don't talk to any of my ex's whenever I see them in the hall at school we walk by like we don't even know each other it seems like one of my exs hate me for no reason & I never done anything? but oh well :) I don't think people should communicate with their ex's

  • no. unlike men girls find it easier to forget and overcome their issues. meaning that they can get along with ex's without finding it difficult

    • Do you ever think that some day, you just can't keep contacting them. What about one day when you are married and have kids? Do you still plan to text your ex bf's every day? I just think its a bad habit to get into because its not sustainable if you want to have healthy relationships in the future.

  • I don't talk to any of my exes. I find them annoying.

  • I disagree on having contact with an Ex, I think thaat once the relationship is over is should be over completely and in my opinion if you still talk and hang out with an ex that means that you still sleep with an ex


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