How to ask him to a wedding as a non date date?

I'm not interested in him as more than a friend, but I want a guy to go to a friend's wedding with me.

How do I ask him to go as just a friend and not have him think it's anything more?


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  • Maybe say"hey can you do me a favor, my date for this wedding backed out and I still need an escort so there isn't a discrepancy in the guest numbers" make it clear his job is the be a handsome seat filler, and that you had an original "date" who you're interested in but who couldn't make it for whatever reason you make up


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  • Mm...I personally would not do this...My mom always told me if a girl takes you to wedding then she's either interested in you or she wants to take the relationship to the next level. So, if your friendship IS strong, then just tell him. Be like- "Hey I want an escort to my friends wedding, but I don't want a guy thinking its a date and your really cool so would you mind?" Or something along those lines, be honest about it NOT being a date, but be nice and not rude to the point where it comes off as rude.

    Hope this helps!

  • Just tell him you couldn't find a date and need him to fill in because you don't want to be embarrassed.

    Just don't let it slip after you get drunk that you're really in Looovvve!

  • Just ask him, I'm sure a wedding will sound nice to him if & or when yourself asks him if he wants to go, but try to be in yur compfort zone, & don't do anything reckless, Lmao

    P.S. (I wonder if we know each other :/ lols


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