Why is she not or hasn't texted back?

; This is a question comes around a lot.

If you have any answer please do give them.


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  • It depends. For how long has she not gotten back to you? If it's a few hours or even a few days, I wouldn't sweat it. Not everyone has their phones on them all the time.

    Longer? She might not dig you. I've ignored messages from guys who I've gone out with, but didn't feel a connection or decided we weren't a good match after date one.


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  • If she's like me then her phone is on silent and she doesn't check her phone 24/7

  • She's not interested anymore sorry

  • Maybe she doesn't know how to respond or she's not interested

  • Give us a back story. How long has it been since she hasn't texted you? How long have you known her. Can't give an answer without knowing some facts

    • ; We met in the clubs ( friend of a mutual friend ) , We nearly hooked up, we held hands, and spoke. Added her on fb and we started talking , she warmed up a lot and started using emoticons like :) or :P . Anyway after sometime she gave me her number. I texted her a " goodmorning *name :) ! " and no reply yet .

      Ps. all the friends told me she's rather conservative and quiet.

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    • ; I m sorta looking for something stable too. Any suggestion or advice on how to approach quiet, shy , nervous conservative types ?

    • Ask her out for a date and make it in reasonable hours not something that is 2am at a club or something or a bar. Maybe a picnic or a trip to the beach. Get to know her well and take sex off the table for awhile. Don't bring it up too early or else she will run the other direction. After a few dates like maybe 3 weeks ask her if she want's to date you exclusivly. Also don't make dates with friends cause than can be real nerve wrecking meeting your friends and everything but make it fun

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