How can I fix this? Please help!!

Yesterday I was at a party with some friends. While I was at the toilet, they thought it would be funny to write to my boyfriend from my phone. So they sent him a sms saying I wanted to break up with him. When I came back, my (now ex-) boyfriend had already changed his relationship status on Facebook ad deleted the photos with us. Since then me and my friends try to convince him that this really happened and that I didn't want to break up with him.

All he said was "stop judging yourself. I am single and I will stay like this." We have been together for only a month, but it was a perfect time. He was also my best-friend. I am aware of the fact that I shouldn't have left my phone with my friends, but is this really something I can't fix anymore? I can understand he is hurt, but I really don't want to lose him!

Thanks to all of you guys...he texted me back a bit ago, telling me that he is sorry, but he was actually happy when I (my friends) broke up with him and he doesn't want to stay friends either.


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  • Uh...I don't know if that's just his defense mechanism or something, but if I was to receive a text about breaking'd be hearing from me in person. I hate to say this but it kind of seems like he was waiting for something like this. Awfully eager to change his status, wasn't he?

    • Basically what I was going to say...sounds like hes' happy about this

    • @update Well, at least he came clean and cleared up that confusion. Sorry for your loss, but you deserve someone that won't wait for a "opportunity" to break up with you, but rather, be with you.

      And thanks for BA.

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  • Agree with HifsMit...and other thing is he could probably has a real big ego issue.

    But I stilll think you should try a little bit more and try to convince him by yourself. Keep your friends out of it. 2-3 meeting and little more efforts. If even then he doesn't come back then leave him. It's really not worth it to be with someone who can't digest a small joke...sounds really childish.

    • I don't find that joke funny at all. And I would be pissed too.

    • i don't know dude if people can't have a little bit fun with u. They are her friends. They are supposed to do things like that. And when its clear that she never wanted to breke up with him.. he should let things go.

  • You can try with him, but hitsman seems to have it, sounds like an excuse for breakup...

    But get,new friends. If this is there idea of a joke, who knows what the will screw up next. Friends would never do this...and they should have kept there hands off your phone...

  • i agree with the hifsmit. I agree it could be a defense mechanism, but only for a couple minutes. If he really still wanted to be with you, and you're pleading it was a joke and you still want him...don't you think he would say OK and come back? seems like a cheap way out of a relationship. Honestly I think your friends saved him the trouble and stress of him doing it...

  • He's switched off on you. There's no getting back.

    But in fairness, he obviously wasn't that into you, or your best friend, if he'd let a single text message blow things up like that.


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  • Just keep it moving and while you're at it make some new friends.